DURING the Revolutionary war, one severe winter, the American army went into quarters at Valley forge. They were in a very destitute condition, many of them not having shoes or blanket, and having to lie upon only straw, in miserable huts, everything looked dark, the government without money, officers scheming against one another and against Washington, and the army perishing for food and clothing. Washington saw it all, but could do nothing. 

But the historian tells us that, one day, as a Quaker was walking through the woods, he heard some one talking, and pushing aside the underbrush carefully, he saw Washington on his knees, his face toward heaven, and the tears streaming from his eyes, begging God to spare the army. The Quaker went home and told his wife that if God hears prayer, the Colonies would certainly succeed. They did succeed.

The Bible says that the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. The Lord will remove all obstacles for those who ask in earnest. With God and the right, we shall always succeed; without him, we shall fail. How important, then, to make sure of his help!