WE must not only give to the work of God, but give in love, and give cheerfully, God gave his Son, his only Son. 

The sacred word says that "greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." But Christ died for us while we were yet sinners, yes, gave his life in love.

About two years ago we read of a little girl who, lying upon her dying bed, asked for the pastor. He was sent for. When he came, she asked her mamma to give him her savings bank. "Open it," said she. He did so, and found four dollars and a few cents.

"Take it," said the child, "and build a free church for poor people. Remember, they must not pay for anything. I want all the seats to be free."

The clergyman took the money, promising that with God's help it should be done.

After the child's death, he placed her bank with its small amount of money to build a church, upon the pulpit, and told her story. "This is given in love, love of the Master," said he. "What shall be done?"

All were affected. Tears were in many eyes. "It shall be done," was the answer. 

Then they commenced to give. From the wealthiest, down to the widow who could only give a "mite," the offerings came, and were "given in love."  We heard, recently, that this church has been finished, and dedicated to the service of God; that the seats are free to all, that the poor have the gospel preached to them.

Give in love, and then God will bless the gift; and if he bless it, it will never fail to do the good intended.

V. A. P.