Very Good HABIT..

THERE was once a horse that used to pull around a sweep, which lifted dirt from the depths of the earth. He was kept at this business for nearly twenty years, until he became old, blind, and too stiff in the joints to be of further use. So he was turned into a pasture, or left to crop the grass without any one to disturb or bother him.

But the strange thing about the old horse was that every morning, after grazing awhile, he would start on a tramp, going round and round in a circle, just as he had been accustomed to do for so many years. He would keep it up for hours, and people often stopped to look and wonder what had got into the head of the venerable animal to make him walk around in such a solemn way, when there was no earthly need of it.

But it was the force of habit. And the boy who forms good or bad habits in his youth, will be led by them when he becomes old.