Little Things.

IT is the little things of every-day life that

make up the life-record. The words, the

acts, and the motives by which we are actuated,

all tell for or against us.

How careful we should be to have our

motives pure. No pride, no selfishness, no

undue love of approbation; but love, pure

love, should shine in all our acts. Not

seeking to do some great thing; but attending

to the little duties of each day.

We can none of us be excused from doing

the little things, however weak we may

be. Even a child may find little acts of

kindness to perform. He may do right at

home; and, though it may pass unnoticed,

yet it is all written in the life-record.

Yours, striving to do the little things,


Greenville, Michigan.

ANGRY words are lightly spoken,

Bitterest thoughts are rashly stirred;

Brightest links of life are broken,

By a single angry word.

Power of Kindness.

A POOR woman used to give an elephant,

who often passed her stall in the market, a

handful of greens, of which he was very

fond. One day he was in a great fury, and

broke away from his keeper, and came raging

down the market-place. Every one

fled; and in her haste, the market-woman

forgot her little child. But the furious elephant,

instead of trampling it to death,

picked it up tenderly, and laid it on one

side in a place of safety. Do you think

she was sorry she gave him his handful of

greens as he went by? No. We sometimes

profit by a kind action when we least

expect it.

Jesus Went about Doing Good.

"HE was not content with sending his

disciples to do it, or doing it at a distance.

No; he would walk to the spot himself.

He delighted to do good. He would sacrifice

needful rest or food to do it. He would

go out of his road to do it. He would

spend a whole day in doing it. He would

do it for the worst. All of us might imitate

Him more in this. None are too young to

help in comforting the poor and the sick."