SUPPOSE most of the children who see this picture have also seen the great engine, puffing and whistling, and have been glad they were not in front of it, to be crushed by its big wheels. It is a very dangerous thing to get in the way of a locomotive, and so signs are put up near the track, that read, "Look out for the Engine."

People sometimes pay no heed to the sign, and carelessly go on the track when the train is coming, and so are run over and killed. A few weeks ago, a gentleman and his wife, who were riding in a carriage, crossed the railroad track without "looking out for the engine," and the great train came rumbling along and crushed them to death.

All who are trying to serve God, even the children, are on the road to Heaven; but if we venture out of the way, and step on to the track of sin, we are in danger, and need to â€ślook out for the engine;" not the great, iron locomotive, but the engines that Satan uses to destroy souls.

One of the devil's engines is intemperance, and it crushes and destroys many more people every year than the iron locomotive ever killed. And thousands are in danger from it still. Every smoker and chewer of tobacco, every drinker of stimulants, and all who indulge in hurtful things, are on the track, and need to "look out for the engine."

There are many other engines that are running on this broad road to ruin, which we will not now mention; but whenever you feel tempted to do that which is wrong, remember the warning, and "look out for the engine."


W. C. G.