IN body, mind, and spirit, Jesus grew. He was fitting to be the great teacher. He was a perfect and divine being, yet even he must needs grow. Surely, then, we need to grow. We have not reached the stature of a perfect man in Jesus Christ. He sought help from men and God. The teacher is to be a growing, fruitful plant. Soil and sun give growth. Some teachers take nothing from soil, but trust to sun alone. They pray, but do not study. Others would get all from the soil, but none from the sun. They study, but do not pray. Both are wrong. Christ is the example. He found the teachers' meeting in the temple a necessity. 

Can we do without it? He wondered that his parents were surprised to find him there. Should we not wonder when the teacher is not there? The teacher who neglects either teachers' meetings or his closet is a marvel. He proclaims that he need not grow, or else he declares that he can grow without the aids, which his Divine Master needed. Now, are you growing?

 Christian Union


A CERTAIN philosopher was always talking very much to his friends about the garden in which he was in the habit of walking, and where he carried on his studies. At length, one of them came to see him; and he found this extraordinary garden was a patch of ground about twice the size of the floor of his own room.

"What!" said he, "is this your garden? It's not very broad."

"No," said the philosopher, "it's not very broad; but it's a wondrous height! "

And so I would say to you, Sabbath-school teachers, your work in your classes is not a 

very large one, but "it's a wondrous height." 

It goes up to Heaven