The Little Swiss Girl.

IN a Swiss family there was a little girl not

quite eight years old. Every Sunday, at

breakfast, the parents gave each child a small

loaf of the finest and best kind of bread to

eat. She always enjoyed her loaf as the rest.

But she heard at the Sunday-school that, by

bringing to her teacher every Sunday a few

pieces of money, each child might, at the end

of a few weeks, obtain a Bible of her own,

quite her own, and to keep for herself.

At once, she made up her mind to ask her

parents not to give her the best loaf at 

breakfast, but to allow her to eat the common 

bread, and give the difference in the prices of 

the two loaves to her. To this, her parents 

agreed, though not without expressing surprise;

 and the little girl, during nearly four months, 

went without the best bread, in order to obtain 

a Bible of her own.

Picking Up The Minutes.

ONE of my little Sabbath-school boys

earned a new suit of clothes, shoes and all, by

digging dandelions, and selling them for


"When did you find time, Jemmy?" I

asked; for, besides being a very punctual and

constant scholar at the day school, he did 


for Mrs. Davis "when did you find


"There is most always time for what we

are bent on," said Jemmy. "You see, I pick

up the minutes, and they are excellent picking,


GOD did not take up the three Hebrews

out of the furnace of fire; but he came down

and walked with them in it. He did not

remove Daniel from the den of lions; he sent

his angel to close the mouths of the beasts.

He did not answer the prayer of Paul to remove

the thorn in the flesh; but he gave him

a sufficiency of grace to sustain him.