Make Me A Christian.

A HINDOO boy, as he was walking in the

garden one day, felt bad about his sins. He

went to the missionary, and in a gentle voice

said, "If you please, sir, make me a Christian."

The missionary, surprised and pleased

by what he heard, said to the little Hindoo,

"I cannot make you a Christian, my dear

child; but God can. You must ask God to

forgive your sins, for the sake of Jesus, and

to send his holy Spirit to live in your heart."

A short time after, the same little boy came

to the missionary, and said with a soft voice

and a sweet smile on his face, "The Lord Jesus

Christ himself has come to live in my

heart." "How is that?" asked the kind missionary.

"Why, I prayed as you told me,

and I said, O Lord Jesus, if you please, make

me a Christian; and he was so kind as to hear

me, and come and live in my heart ever since."

If you wish to love and serve Jesus, go to

the blessed Saviour, drop on your knees, and

pray in your heart, "O Lord Jesus, make me

a Christian." Jesus says to you, "Come unto

me, and I will give you rest."



What the Worm Did.

A NATURALIST, standing near a fine sycamore,

saw a single wood-worm about two

inches long, forcing its way under the bark of

the tree. He said to the owner, "If that

worm is not destroyed, your tree will be

ruined." This timely warning was unheeded,

and the sycamore went to decay.

What is the lesson to be learned from that

dead tree? This: Many who once promised

to be good and useful in the world, have been

ruined by a single sin.

LET us gather up the sunbeams

Lying all around our path.

Let us keep the wheat and roses,

Casting out the thorns and chaff.