AN instance of the finding of money was

told us a few days ago. A lad named Johnny

Black, twelve years old, picked up on the

street a pocket-book containing evidently a

large amount of money. He put it in his

pocket and turned back to walk in an opposite

direction to that in which he was going

when he found the pocket-book, in the  

expectation of meeting the loser, on the hunt

for it. He had gone but a block when, sure

enough, he met a man very excitedly searching

the pavement, and walking quite hurriedly.

Johnny went up to him and touched


"Have you lost anything, sir?"


"What is it?"

"A pocket-book with a large amount of

money in it."

"Come in here with me."

"And the two walked into a store, where

in the presence of the proprietor, the man

claimed the amount of money and gave a list

of papers contained in the pocket-book he

had found. It contained 116,000 in bills, the

amount named by the stranger, and all the

papers he had mentioned, when the little fellow,

without any apparent emotion, handed

the stranger the pocket-book, with its contents.

"Now," said the stranger," you come with


And he took Johnny to a clothing store,

and fitted him out with a nice, warm suit of

clothes; thence to a boot and shoe store,

where his pedal extremities were adorned

with an elegant pair of calf-skin boots; then

to a jeweler's they went, and the boy was

presented with a fine gold watch and chain,

the former bearing the inscription, " Presented

to John Black (aged 12), for his Honesty

in Returning a lost Pocket-Book Containing

$16,000. By the Loser, 1868.

Will not Johnny be happier and better all

his life than if he had kept, or tried to keep,

the money? 


I'M glad my blessed Saviour

Was once a child like me,

To show how pure and holy

His little ones might be.

And if I try to follow

His footsteps here below,

He never will forget me,

Because he loved me so.