Heart and Tongue

ONE Mr. Tongue,

Of much renown,

Who lived at large

In Tattle Town,

Was mischief full,

And wicked too,

As all could toll,

If- Tongue they knew.

The statute brought,

The charge was plain,

That Tongue was full

Of deadly bane;

Tongue was then seized

And brought to Court,

Pleading himself

The impending suit:

'Tis neighbor Heart,

Plead Mr. Tongue,

Who leads me into

So much wrong:

I should be good

As neighbors are;

As Mr. Nose,

Or Eye, or Ear,

James 1:19, 26,

Matthew 15:19.

If neighbor Heart,

Who lives below,

Were changed by grace,

Or made anew;

'Tis very hard

To bear the wrong

Of neighbor Heart,

Said Mr. Tongue.

The plea was sound,

Of Mr. Tongue;

Jurors and Judge

Said, all as one,

While neighbor Heart

Is also wrong,

No good, they said,

Could come from Tongue

The Court decide,

As the best good,

To renovate

The neighborhood,

That Mr. Heart

Must be renewed,

Or never Tongue

Can be subdued.

  Christian Mirror