A Precious Gift

"ALL the girls were talking about gifts and

presents; there is only one thing I want,

mother," said a little girl, laying her head on

her mother's shoulder the firelight showing

two tears stealing down her cheeks" but you

can't give it to me, mother, nor can papa."

"What is it?" asked the mother. The

child hesitated, and the mother again asked,

for she saw her little one was troubled. "What

is it, Bessie?" she said. "I hope your little

heart is not set on very fine things."

"No, mother; no mother; 'tis not what any

of the other girls are talking about that I

want; 'tisn't earthly things, mother; it is a

new heart I want."

"Is not your heart good enough?" asked the

mother, wishing to get at the root of her wants.

''Oh no," cried Bessie, "it is an angry

heart, a hating heart, a heart that makes me

do what I don't want to do. 0, mother, I

want a heart of love; I want a heart that loves

God and everybody and everything good, and

that must be a new heart, I am sure."

"Oh, my child, God will not deny you that

precious gift, if you ask him for it," said the

mother. " Do you remember how the Son of

God told the Jews of his Father's willingness

to give? 'Is there a man of you,' he asked,

'if his son ask bread, will give him a stone?

or if he ask a fish, will give him a serpent? If

you then know how to give good gifts to your

children, how much more shall your Father

which is in heaven give good gifts to them

that ask him?  But how shall we ask? The

Son of God, to leave no room for doubts, tells

us, ' Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, I

will do it.' Therefore if you pray God, in the

name and for the sake of his dear Son, to give

you a new heart, he will, my child." Bessie

whispered, "Will you pray, mother?" The

mother and child then went away into a little

room often hallowed by the voice of prayer,

and knelt down before God. Mother and child

both prayed.

Oh, doubt not the Word of the Son of God.

A petition like this will not be denied. A gift

like this will not be withholden. 

Am. Mes.