A Thankful Heart Makes A Diligent Hand.

THE "American Board" is the name, or

part of the name, of a big missionary society,

which some of you may know, and some may

not. It receives almost half a million of dollars

a year to send the gospel to the heathen

with. Of course, you think, there must be

some pretty large givers, and there are; but

you will be pleased to know that the largest

giver last year was a little girl eleven years


"Why, how can that be?" somebody will

ask. The biggest, I mean, according to her

age and her means. She is the little daughter

of a poor widow. She had sent six dollars,

and in sending six more, she wrote a little

letter to the superintendent of her Sunday-

school, in which she says: "I pick berries

after school, and go to New Milford early in

the morning, before school, and sell them.

I've got eleven dollars. Here are six; and I

paid mamma's tax, that was four; and got

me a sundown. The tax man gave me twenty-

six cents. I get so tired; but then I think

I am not a heathen girl, so I forget being



Why is it, do you think, this little girl has

done so much to send the gospel to the heathen?

It is because she feels thankful for

what the Lord has done for her, and wants

others to enjoy the same blessings and the

same hope of salvation.

Do you think she has been as happy in

making such a use of her money, as she might

have been in paying it out to get fine things

for herself?- Oh yes! far happier. Dear

children, do not you love the dear Saviour?

and do you not feel anxious that others should

enjoy his love? Will not you try to find

your happiness in doing good?