The Example Of Jesus.

THERE is a passage of Scripture found in

Luke 2:51, that should interest the children

very much. It reads as follows: "And he

[Jesus] went down with them, and came to

Nazareth, and was subject unto them.'' You

take your Bibles and turn to the place, and

you will see that it was his parents to whom

the Saviour was subject. No doubt you have

heard your parents speak of Jesus as the divine

teacher that came down from God and

died on the cross for men, and that he will

soon come again, as we believe, in the clouds

of heaven in great glory, with a great host of

angels. This is all true. But did you ever

think of this wonderful personage as a little

boy under the care of his parents? And that

he ran about on errands and did various little

chores such as other children do, and no

doubt felt weary as you have many times?

And how he obeyed all the commands of his

parents, just as much as you ought to do?

He no doubt did all this, for the Scriptures

say he was subject unto them; that is, he

obeyed them in all things. Yes; he kept the

commandment which says, "Honor thy father

and thy mother," just as it is your duty to do.

Did you ever think why the Son of God,

who was with the Father in Heaven before

the worlds were created, and who was a

mighty commander of all the angels of

Heaven, should thus become a little child and

do such little things, and become subject to

human beings; that is, to his father and

mother? The apostle Paul says in Hebrews

4:15, that Christ "was in all points tempted

like as we are, yet without sin;" and in Hebrews

2:18: "For in that he himself hath suffered

being tempted, he is able to succor them that

are tempted." Children, as well as grown

people, are apt to think their own troubles

worse than those of others. Now our Saviour

willingly placed himself in the same

condition all of us have to be in here in the

world so he might know by experience just

how we feel, and thus be in a condition to

help us in all our troubles. So he knows

how to pity little children or youth, for he has

been one himself. He knows all your little

trials, all your heartaches, all your 


He has also been willing to be an example

for you. When you think it hard to forego

some pleasure that father or mother thinks will

injure you, remember that the Lord of glory

was willing to come down here and set you

a good example of obedience. Sometimes

children think they know better than their

parents, and alas! At times they have wicked

feelings of rebellion rise up in their hearts

toward those whom God has told them to

"honor." Jesus the Lord of glory did not do

so, but was subject to them. Would he not

have had far better reason to think he knew

better than his parents than any of the children

now have? Yet he was subject to them.

Our Saviour would never have taken pains to

give us such an example as this, had he not

known it was for the good of all children to

be obedient. Many who have grown up 

disobedient, when father or mother are laid in

 the grave, shed bitter tears of sorrow that they

did not honor their parents when they were

young. Remember this, dear children.

How the Saviour has shown his love for

the children by being willing to set such an

example! Do you think you can claim him

as your friend when he comes in the clouds

of heaven if you do not follow his example

now? I fear not. Then let us do as he did,

and he will welcome us to the bright city of



Richland, Iowa.