THE cold wind had been blowing all day, and the sky was covered with heavy clouds. The boys were watching them anxiously, for surely it was too cold to rain, and perhaps it would snow. The teacher had great difficulty to keep the eyes of the scholars fastened on their books. The boys had long had their sleds all ready for the snow, but as yet they had been disappointed.

That night when school was out, the question eagerly asked by every boy was, "Do you think it will snow before morning?"

Sure enough that night there was a heavy fall of snow, and when morning came the ground was all white.

Fred Newton did his morning chores in an unusually short time, and soon had his sled at the door, -waiting for his sister Helen to get bundled up so that he could draw her to school. A fine ride she had; but on the way they passed by Mrs. Hay's, and saw May, one of their school-mates, sitting by the window. She was a delicate child, and having no good shoes, her mother did not dare to let her go to school through the deep snow.

The next morning, when Fred and Helen came to Mrs. Hay's, Helen asked Fred to stop; she went in and told Mrs. H. that she wanted May to take her place on the sled, because she was better able to walk than May.

To this May objected; but Helen finally persuaded her to go, and so both of the girls were found in their places; and May looked so happy all day that Helen felt fully repaid for having given up her ride.

How many of the family will try this winter and see how many of their school-mates they can make happy, by denying themselves a little pleasure?


"PURE religion and undefiled before God," is "ministering," not " being ministered unto." It is vacating a pleasant seat by the fire for one who comes in chilled. It is giving up the most restful armchair or sofa-corner for one who is weary. It is "moving up" in the pew to let the newcomer sit down by the entrance. It is rising from your place to darken the blind when the sun's rays stream in too brightly upon some face in the circle. It is giving your own comfort for the comfort of another. This is at once true courtesy and real Christianity.