Little Wanderers.

A FEW days ago, my husband was digging

a ditch to drain a swamp, and when the water

had so nearly all run off as to leave but little

standing in the deep places, he heard a terrible

splashing in a little hollow near by. He

left his work to see what was the cause of

the splashing of the water, when, to his surprise,

he saw a snake crawl out with a little

fish in its mouth. He killed the snake and

put the fish back into the water. In a short

time, another snake came, and another, and

so on, until three fishes had been caught and

put back in the same manner, and four snakes

killed. The fifth snake came to the spot, but

the fishes had been taken out, and put into a

pail of fresh water. He brought them home,

but they were so badly bitten, and their little

fins so torn that four of them died in the

course of two days, leaving but one alive.

They had strayed away from the broad river

where pure water flowed abundantly, and gone

up a shallow, winding stream, through

marshes and muddy ditches, until, at length,

they found themselves in a small quantity of

dirty water, with no way to escape their


and the snakes were taking advantage

of this.

So it will be with us, dear children, if we

stray from the right path. Some children

think they know a better way than to follow

the teachings of their parents, guardians, and

teachers; but they soon find themselves under

the power of the enemy. Remember that

the "old serpent"is watching an opportunity

to destroy you. Don't give him a chance.

Strive to keep in the straight and narrow

path that leads to eternal life.