Heart Murder.

THE Children's Friend tells the story of

a little girl who went to bed with a heavy

heart, and whose sobs brought her mother

to her side, seeking to know what ailed her.

"My child," said her mother, tenderly,

stooping down to her bedside, what troubles

you? Tell me."

"Oh, mother, I am so glad you have

come!" cried Alice, uncovering her head

and seizing her mother's hand; "I can't go

to sleep."

"Do tell me what's the matter with my

dear daughter."

"Oh! Mother, I killed cousin Ruth in

my heart today, I did!" and tears flowed

afresh. "She got angry, and I wished her

dead. I can't ask God's forgiveness till I

am friends with Ruth. He won't hear me;

for my heart had anger and hatred in it.

Oh, mother!" and the poor child wept as

though her heart would break.

Her mother tried to comfort her, but there

lay the cold, heavy weight of sin upon her

bosom, and she could take no comfort.

"Oh! If I could only see Ruth, and ask

her forgiveness, then I could pray and go

to sleep," she said piteously. "Mother,

can't I go to Ruth's house? Her mother

thought a moment. She felt that to help

her child to feel and act right in this respect

was important. "Yes, my child, you

shall go," she said.

Alice's father was called, who, wrapping

his weeping child in a blanket, carried her

into the next house, where her cousin Ruth

lived. She was taken to Ruth's bedside.

It was a melting scene to witness the 

confession, the entreaty for forgiveness, and

the kiss of reconciliation. Then Alice

wiped away her tears, and laying her head

on her father's shoulder, she asked to be

carried home.

Once more in her own chamber, Alice

kneeled down and prayed to God to forgive

her for the sin of hating Ruth. "Give me

love in my heart," she cried earnestly," because

'God is love;' and because it was

love which made Jesus die on the cross for

us! and oh! keep me from hating and killing

anybody in my heart."

So did little Alice pray. Sin and conscience,

love and hatred, had been fighting

in her heart. But love gained the victory.

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