A GENTLEMAN, on returning home from work, thought he would secure some more coal; so stepping into the office near by, he asked if he could be accommodated.

"Well, sir," was the reply, "I will send it if I can. Our orders are many; enough to keep us until twelve o'clock tonight."

"But, if you cannot send it, I shall go to another yard."

"Very well, I will send it."

"All right."

He returned home and waited until it grew quite dark. No coal had come.   Finally all retired. An hour later a loud knock was heard at the door. Upon opening it, there was the load of coal.

"Ah!" said the man, "I can depend upon that man. I will call there again."

Now, boys, what do you learn from this simple story? "I'm no coal dealer," says one.

"Nor I," says another. Perhaps not, but. if only a school-boy, you may learn to keep your word. 

Mrs. E. F. Keiter, 

in West­ern Advocate.