Vain Thoughts.

I HATE vain thoughts, said the psalmist

David. He had good reasons for hating

them. They are plagues to every one. Who

can calculate the time misspent and abused

in the empty, trifling, profitless thoughts that

occupy the mind? Not wicked thoughts,

strictly speaking, but vain thoughts.

How shall we determine what vain thoughts

are? Thus: if they are not beneficial, if we

cannot connect them with other thoughts

that are profitable, and are obliged to contend

against them when we would reflect on

that which is really useful. Against all such

thoughts we should be watchful, lest they too

often intrude themselves upon us and lead us

captive. When we think how much time in

a whole life may be lost by such thoughts,

the idea is a startling one. Months and

years may thus go from us, leaving no good

impressions, no cheering association, no rich

improvement, behind. Let us be on the

watch against these evil intruders, and be

the psalmist's prayer ours also: "Let the

meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy

sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer."

The Myrtle. 

 ANNIE and Lily were going from school

together one afternoon, and Annie was teasing

Lily to go off somewhere and play with

her. "But mother told me to come right

home from school," said Lily.

"Well, she has gone away, and would

never know if you did go away for a little

while," naughty Annie said.

"But God has not gone away; he would

know," Lily replied as she ran home fast.

“WHEN pride cometh, then cometh shame

but with the lowly is wisdom.”