Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.

SARAH had a dear, kind mother who loved her very much, and did all in her power to make her happy. One day, her mother desired her to go up stairs and bring her something which she needed for her work.   

Instead of getting up quickly, and going for it pleasantly, she said, petulantly, "Oh! I don't want to go. Can't Ellen go?"

"No, my dear, I wish you to get it," said her mother, gently.

"I have to do everything!" said Sarah, slamming the door behind her, and stamping up stairs. Her mother called her back; and she opened the door, saying crossly, "What do you want?" Her mother told her to shut the door easily, and to walk up stairs quietly; 

adding, while her mild blue eyes filled with tears, Soon my Sarah will have no mother; then she will be sorry for this behavior." Sarah went off muttering to herself, "No danger of her dying: she only says that to frighten me." Ah, poor child! She forgot to honor her mother.

Weeks passed on. Sarah's mother was taken sick; and in a few months she died. 

Then that afternoon's behavior rushed upon Sarah's mind with terrible force, and she wished within herself: "Oh, that my dear, dear mother could come back again, that I might tell her how sorry I am, and show her how good I can be!" But it was too late then. She was sorry, as her mother told her she would be. But her mother was gone now. Her voice would never again be heard in prayer for her children.

Oh! Children, if you would be saved from such bitter grief, remember to honor your parents while God spares them to you.