PENITENT hearts sought the altar of

prayer where the servants of God offered

earnest petitions to Heaven for them. It

was a scene, no doubt, that angels beheld

with interest.

Parents and children, brothers, sisters,

and friends, entreated each other to seek

the Lord, until not a heart turned away from

being a spot untouched. Oh! What joy on

earth and in Heaven when sinners seek the

Lord! You who love pleasure and pursue

happiness, find it here, such as worldly

amusements cannot give. But one circumstance

impressed me more than any other.

While many presented themselves to God,

I noticed one little girl sitting alone, with a

sad, thoughtful face. I said to her, "Don't

you want to go, too? You want to be saved,

and now is a good time to seek the Lord.

Come, go with me." The tears streamed

down her cheeks; but she said, "Not today."

I knew she had praying friends; and

how I longed to see her go with others to

the altar of prayer; but she was firm in her

resolve, and I left her. Oh! I thought,

what if she should not have another chance!

What if her name, ere another opportunity

comes to her, should be numbered with the

dead. But I pray that the sweet impressions

made that day may not wear away

from that young heart; that her tears may

still flow, and her heart remain tender, until

she yields up all to God, and finds pardon

for her sins.

"Not today." Others have said it; and

how many are saying it! Let me live for

myself and the world a little longer, then I

will repent, then I will seek the Lord, then

I will confess my sins; there is time enough.

But could we number the days left us, in

which to form a character for Heaven, to

cease to do evil and learn to do well, how

earnest would we be to improve each one!

Today, probation is still ours. Jesus still

pleads for us. God still hears prayer.

There is yet forgiveness for sin. But this

can be but a little longer. Soon the sweet

angel of mercy will have fulfilled his mission

to earth. Then there will be no more appeals

from the servants of God; no more

prayers, no more entreaties. Fathers and

mothers, brothers and sisters, children and

friends, will have done their work; and how

many will then want one single day to seek

the Lord! But it will be too late. Today

is ours. Today, we may repent. Today,

we may forsake our sins. Tomorrow, it

may be too late. A few more days like today,

and probation will close with us.

God's saints will soon be numbered and

sealed. Oh! To be one of them! To wear

with them a shining crown! To live in His

presence who died to save me from sin! It

is worth all I have; all I can give, all I can


"Come joy or come sorrow, whatever may befall,

An hour with my God will make up for them all."