A STRANGE clock is said to have once belonged to a Hindoo prince. In front of the clock's disk was a gong swung upon poles, and near it was a pile of artificial human limbs. The pile was made up of the full number of parts necessary to constitute twelve perfect bodies; but all lay heaped together in apparent confusion.

When the hands of the clock indicated the hour of one, out from the pile crawled just the number of parts needed to form the frame of one man, part coming to part with a quick click; and when completed, the figure sprang up, seized a mallet, and walking up to the gong, struck one blow. 

This done, he returned to the pile, and fell to pieces again. When two o'clock came, two men arose, and did likewise; and at the hours of noon and midnight the entire heap sprang up, and marching to the gong, struck, one after the other, his blow, making twelve in all; then returning, fell to pieces as before.

Young Folks' News.