Unseen  Influences.

WHAT is it that  raises the sea and makes 

the tide flow  round  the world?  What is it 

that  keeps  the  moon  making  her  ceaseless 

flights  around this  earth?  You call it 


   What is it that gives firmness  and 

stability to  all that is  of the  earth?  It is   

invisible, but  is  potent.  It is all around  us. 

Why,  the  morning sunbeams  that  fall  so 

gently on  the  eyelid,  they scarcely  waken 

the sleeper, have power  to  raise  the largest 

pile  of rocks.  The monument of Bunker 

Hill was considered immovable.  Yet, when 

a few years  ago  a  cord was  let  down from 

the center  of the  summit  of that  pile, men 

were surprised to find that the point marked 

by  that cord  in  the  evening,  was  not the 

point marked  by that  cord  in  the  morning. 

They found the  great  pile  was  changed  in 

some way.  How was it?  Where the morning

light so  gently fell from the  east on the 

face  of that pile,  the little rays of heat,  each 

one almost imperceptible, expanded the rock, 

and one side rose higher than the other;  and 

when the rays  fell upon the southern  part, 

another part;  and  on  the western  part they 

changed back the vast pile from the position 

which it held.  Who would have thought it? 

Yet those sunbeams were lifting the vast pile 

of  rock.  So God is working  around  us, 

teaching us,  instructing us  how the spiritual 

may operate  upon  a  human  heart;  and  if 

God's Spirit be given to man, if the light and 

truth influence the  human  heart, shall  it not 

be that unseen  influences  may change, may

correct, may  control,  may  purify, may  


Bishop  Simpson

"Then press on, never doubting, thy Captain is

 near,  With grace to supply, and with comfort to

 cheer, His love like a stream in the desert will 

flow, Then stand like the brave, with thy face to

 the foe."