It was only a few days before the first of January, and farmer John said to his wife," How would you like, Martha, to make a visit to your father and mother this New Years?"

"Dearly, John, only it's a long ride for the children." "Bundle them up warm. 

Twenty miles wasn't far when I was a boy. They will enjoy it, and so will the old people, and Aunt Mary, and little Dolly and Carrie."

So a letter was written announcing their coming, and the day before New Years the merry party set out in their large double sleigh, with a span of strong bays stepping off briskly to the music of the sleigh-bells. It was almost dark when the sleigh drew up before grandpa's door, but bright eyes were eagerly watching for them, and glad hearts gave them a warm welcome. You know what a bustle and hum it makes, when such a party of gay little cousins get together in grandpa's house.

And how delightful it seemed to little Dolly and Carrie to have so many playmates!

The next morning every one was awake at an early hour, and shouts of "Happy New Year" rang through the house. Each of the children received a New Year's gift, while grandpa was   surprised to find his little store-room filled with good things from farmer John's big sleigh-box.

After dinner the older people gathered around the open fire in grandpa's room to enjoy a quiet talk, and the children played hide-and-seek and blind-man's-buff in Aunt Mary's pleasant sitting room. Do they not look as if they were having a merry time?

The day passed very swiftly, and the next morning, when the party started for home, all agreed that it had been the happiest New Year's day they had ever spent.