What To Give

Little May Ellis' Aunt Kate had just returned from heathen lands, and May never grew weary of hearing auntie tell about the dark-eyed women and children whom she had taught about Jesus. She often wished that she could do something for them, but what could a little girl do?

Among other things that Aunt Kate told in regard to that far-off heathen land was about the rats, what large ones there were, and how mischievous they were, having spoiled a nice dress once to make them a nest. May listened with much interest. 

Suddenly a bright light shone in her eyes, and she said, "I can do something, after all."

"What can you do?" asked Aunt Kate.

"I can send one of my kitties to eat up the rats," said the little girl. " I will sendWhite-nose, for I can spare her just as well as not."

"How about Gray-back?" asked auntie; "won't you send her?"

"Oh, I can't spare her; she's the nicest little kittle that ever was. No, I couldn't spare her, but I'd send White-nose."  Perhaps you smile, as did auntie. But, soberly, is not May a good deal like a great many children, and grown people too? 

What they prize most they do not give to God. They give what they "can spare," and that "just as well as not," to help lead souls to Christ.  Oh, think what God has given for us! His only Son! Think with what we have been redeemed! Not with gold and silver, but with the precious blood of Christ! Christ gave his life! He gave it for us. 

What have we given to him? What we "can spare," or what is dear and precious to us?

 V. A. M.