Love Your Enemies

LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. An Indian youth was

once reading in the Testament to a missionary

teacher; he came to the words, "love your 

enemies," and the poor untutored Indian paused

for awhile in surprise; he then cast an inquiring

look at his teacher, to know whether he had

read the words aright. The missionary assured

him that he was right; and while a smile played

over his dark features, the youth exclaimed,

"they are beautiful words beautiful words."

The Saviour has taught us how to cultivate a

love for our enemies. "Bless them that curse

you; do good to them that hate you, and pray

for them that despitefully use you and persecute

you." And again it is written, "If thine enemy

hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him

drink, for in so doing, thou shalt heap coals of

fire on his head." Aye, such coals of fire as

this will burn the enmity out of his heart, will

attract this foe to the loving friend:

and who would not prize such a friend as this.

Let us heed the instructions of the Wonderful

Counselor, and especially let us remember to

pray often and fervently for them which 

despitefully use us and persecute us. We may 

learn a lesson from the heathen girl who had 

been injured by a playmate. A friend inquired if 

she repaid the injury. "O no!" she replied, "I left 

that with the Lord." Let us remember this, and

pour the story of our injuries into the ears of  

Him who has declared, "Vengeance is mine, 

I will repay.”


GREAT peace have they who love thy law,

And nothing shall offend;

They from the ceaseless fountain draw

Pure joys that never end.

Although the dragon's wrath is poured

On those who preach the end,

Yet ever will they trust their Lord,

On him for help depend.

He never turns his saints away,

When for his grace they plead;

The darkest night he turns to day,

And well supplies their need.

God's holy law, O may I love.

His precepts all obey,

That when he comes in clouds above,

To reign in endless day,

I may with all the blood-washed throng,

In Paradise restored,

Forever join in holy song.