My Childhood

I want to tell you how

good the Lord was to me when I was a little

child. The Lord wanted me to love and

serve him. I thought much about my sins.

I had learned by going to meeting something

about my Saviour, that he died for me; but

I had no Christian parents to teach me the

way of life. I mourned because they were

not Christians. In my childish simplicity I

went to my Heavenly Father with my trouble.

I prayed in secret for my parents.

One day I asked my mother if I might

pray with her. She permitted me to do so.

My practice was to go into the garden for

secret prayer, and there I would plead with

my Heavenly Father for my parents.

One night after I had gone into the garden

for secret devotion, my father came in

from his work, and took a seat by a window

that opened out into the garden. He asked

my mother who was praying. She told him

it was Marinda. He has always said, as

soon as he heard me praying for him, he was

convicted of his sins, and never was at rest

again till he was converted. He has often

said that the Lord directed him to that window.

Dear children, in a short time I had Christian

parents to teach me the way of salvation.

How good the Lord has been to me,

to condescend to hear and answer my prayers.

My mother lived a long and exemplary life,

and died in bright hope of entering into

that rest that remains for the people of God.

My father is still living a pious, devoted,

Christian life, patiently waiting for his Father

to say,

"Child, your Father calls, Come home."

It is good to serve such a master that will

give us the things that we need. I mean to

serve him the rest of my life.


Potterville, Mich.