The Wonderful Water

DEAR YOUNG FRIENDS: Though I may never

see you in this world, I hope to meet you in the

world to come, and this I shall if we obey the

Commandments of God. Children are usually

fond of stories; let me tell you one.

Many hundred years ago there were men in

Asia called Magi, or wise men of the East.

They sought a long time for a kind of medicine

that would keep them always young, handsome,

healthy and happy. This they never found.

When Columbus discovered America, he

found a tradition among the Indians, that

 somewhere in what is now the South part of the

United States, in Florida, there was a spring that

would give all who bathed in its waters constant

youth, health and beauty. This would be just

the medicine the Magi sought. Many men spent

a great deal of time in looking for this spring,

but never found it.

The Saviour told them long ago to come unto

him if they would have life. Now, if you are

good children, and do just as he tells you, though

you may die before the Saviour comes to reign

in this world, he will surely make you live again,

and will prepare a place for you far more

 beautiful than any city or garden in this world. 

In this place there will be a beautiful river, 

which is called the water of life. On the banks 

of this river he will make a beautiful tree to 

grow, which is called the tree of life. This tree

 will be always green, always full of blossoms 

and fruit; it will bear twelve kinds of fruit, and 

some of one kind will ripen every month. The 

water of this river, and the leaves and fruit of 

this tree will make you always young, beautiful,

 healthy and happy. This will be just what the 

Magi and Spaniards sought. There will never be

 any crying there, nor sickness, nor pain, nor 

night, nor death; but everything will be bright, 

beautiful and glorious, and you will live for ever

 with the dear Saviour, and have unending health

 and happiness.

Now don't you want to go there? Don't you

want to be one of that beautiful, happy number?

Don't you want to live in that glorious

city where the streets are pure gold! Don't you

want to bathe in that beautiful river? Don't

you want to gather round that wonderful tree of

life, and with all the good children and parents

that ever lived, gaze on its glorious blossoms 

and eat of its rich fruits! Won't that be heaven?

Won't you try to be good children, that you may

go there? If you will, and do as the dear Saviour

wishes, he will surely take you there.

May our heavenly Father help us so to live,

that we may all meet on the banks of that 

beautiful river of life, in the shade of the tree 

of life, to sing his praises for ever.

In Eastern climes in ancient times,

The Magi sought through nature's store,

But not for gain they took such pains

To search her secret chambers o'er.

They sought for that elixir pure

Would make their lives for ever sure.

The Spaniards came and sought again,

In Florida's broad everglades,

In hidden spring the medicine

That gives the youth that never fades;

But still to disappointment doomed,

Their life, the fruitless search consumed.

But if you look in God's own Book,

Dear children, it will tell you where

To find the path ‘twill lead at last,

To those bright waters pure and fair;

And you may trust the promise sure

To all, who to the end endure.