A WICKED man boasted of his two acres of 

"Sabbath corn." "All the work that was done on it

was done on the Sabbath," he said; "and it will

yield seventy bushels to the acre; so I don't see

but nature or Providence has smiled upon my

 Sabbath work, however the priests or the Bible

 may say that work done on that day never 


My corn tells another story." And what answer

was given him? "If you had read the Bible as

you should, you would know that the great Ruler

of the universe does not always settle his 

accounts with mankind in the month of October."

Ah! The day of reckoning will come. 



a client of his lawyer, with the greatest 

eagerness, having heard that the Lord 

Chancelor's decision was expected. "Are you 

sure," was his anxious inquiry, "that nothing is 

left undone. If judgment is pronounced against 

me, I am a ruined man." The lawyer was a 

Christian man; and the question suggested to

 him the solemn inquiry, What if my case were to

 come on today, before the eternal Judge, whose

 sentence there is no reversing! am I prepared?"

 Let every reader put the important question to

 himself "Is nothing left undone for me?"


God entrusts to all

Talents few or many;

None so weak and small

That they have not any.

He will surely ask,

Ere I enter Heaven,

Have I done the task

Which to me is given.