"Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother."

THERE was once a great king. He lived in

a splendid palace, which it took a number of

men many years to build. He had whole armies

of soldiers, who marched through the

streets, or out to battle, just as he commanded

them. And he had numbers of

splendid horses and chariots. In his palace

there was a throne, on which the king sat,

and it was made of ivory. There were six

steps to it, and on each end of every step

there was a large carved lion.

One day this king was sitting upon his

throne. Around him were the generals and

captains of his army, in their glittering uniforms,

and also the great men who helped

him to govern the nation. And now a door

opened, and a woman entered. As soon as

the king saw her he turned from every one

else, went down the steps of the throne, 

between the lions on each side, bowed to her,

took her up with him upon the throne, and

made her sit down at his right hand. Who

do you think this woman was? Why, it was

the king's mother.

This is the way Solomon showed his respect

to his mother.

How differently have I seen children treat

their parents! How disrespectfully they speak

of them and to them! I have even heard a

child say, "I won't," when his mother told him

to do something. Others care so little for

what their parents say, that they often forget,

in two or three minutes, some message with

which they have been sent. Some will go

and do what their parents have often charged

them not to do.

Oh, how few children are as respectful to

their father or mother as they ought to be!

It is a lovely sight to see children acting toward

their parents as Solomon did to his