"THERE were giants in those days."

suppose the readers may

have often thought that men were once much

larger than now. When any of you see a

man seven or eight feet high, you gaze on

him as a curiosity; but I am going to give

you a few facts from scientific sources that

men have been on the earth of very great

stature. Not that the majority in their times

were so tall, but if a few grew to be such

giants, the people in general in their times

were probably a great deal larger than the

giants of the present day. I copy from the

Daily Morning Call of San Francisco, 

Oct. 30, 1870.

"In one of his recent lectures, Prof. Silliman,

the younger, gave the following list of

giants: The giant exhibited at Rouen, in

1370, measured nearly eighteen feet. Garapins

saw a girl that measured ten feet high.

The giant Galabra, brought from Arabia to

Rome, under Claudius Caesar, was ten feet

high. Fannum, who lived in the time of

Eugene II, measured eleven and a half feet.

The Chevalier Scrog, in his voyage to the

Peak of Teneriffe, found in one of the caverns

of that mountain the head of the Gunich,

who had sixty teeth, and was not less

than fifteen feet high. The giant Farragus,

slain by Orlando, nephew of Charlemagne,

was twenty feet high. In 1500, near Rome,

was found a skeleton whose skull held a

bushel of corn, and who was nineteen feet

high. The giant Racart was thirty-three

feet high. His thigh-bones were found in

1703, near the River Moderi.

" In 1623, near the castle in Danphine, a

tomb was thirty feet long, sixteen feet wide,

and eight feet high, on which was cut in

gray stone these words : ' Kentolochus Rex.'

The skeleton was found entire, twenty-five

and one-fourth feet long, ten feet across the

shoulders, and five feet from the breast bone

to the back.

"Near Palermo, in Sicily, in 1310, was

the skeleton of a giant thirty feet high, and,

in 1559, another forty-four feet high.

"Near Mazarino, in Sicily, 1815, was

found the skeleton of a giant thirty feet

high. The head was the size of a hogshead,

and each of his teeth weighed five ounces."

One of the statements of Isaiah in chapter

24 is, " The haughty people of the earth do

languish," or as the margin reads, "The

height of the people" languishes, and we

should judge they thus languished by comparing

the stature of these ancients with even

giants of these times.


NEVER be sorry for any generous thing

that you ever did, even if it was betrayed.

Never be sorry that you were magnanimous,

if the man was mean afterward. Never be

sorry that you gave. It was right for you

to give, even if you were imposed upon.

You cannot afford to keep on the safe side

by being mean.