SATAN is called the father of liars. Why? 

Because he told the first lie ever told in this 

world; and by means of that lie, he deceived our

 first parents, and had them driven from Eden. He

 could not bear to see others happy: because he

 was miserable, he wished others to be so too.

Only think of the consequences of that lie! 

Before Satan deceived Eve with smooth words, 

our first parents were perfectly happy. This 

world was a universal paradise. There was no

 disease, no pain, no sorrow, no thorns nor

 thistles nor poisonous weeds marred the fair

 earth; but that one falsehood disturbed the

 world, and earth became a wilderness.

Adam and Eve could no more ramble delighted

amidst the beauties of Paradise, unstained,

 unpolluted with sin. No: sorrow, disease and 

death, now hover near, to annoy and distress

 mankind. Pain and woe are common to all;

 dangers and enemies stand on every side to

 harass and dismay.

This world is full of trouble, both borrowed and

real; for Satan the father of liars, is always busy

to forward his work, and take as many as 

possible with him down the broad way; and he

 only mourns that he cannot take all.

Children and Youth Paul says that "whom ye

yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants

 ye are whom ye obey." Now if you deceive any 

one, you obey Satan, the father of liars, and 

become his servant. Alas, what a master! Will 

you serve him? His wages! Will you accept such

 a master, and such wages? Death!

No! No! Say you. We will not serve so vile, so

cruel, a monster! He is a venomous serpent, a

deadly viper, an anaconda, we will avoid him as

the pestilence. No deceitful words shall soil our

mouths, nor guile find home within us. 

J. C.