THERE are many wonderful things concerning the air that I shall be unable to notice in this series of articles. Strange birds and curious insects flit to and fro in the vast expanse above. The ancients believed that fairies and sylphs inhabited the upper regions. We read in the Bible about the "powers of the air," which no doubt means evil spirits. These spirits are ever on the watch to tempt us to do evil, but we can drive them from us with prayer. If we earnestly ask God's assistance, he will send shining angels to strengthen us and keep us from unhallowed influences. It is a beautiful thought that groups of white-winged angels may be hovering around us when, "low in prayer we bow the knee."

Dear children, the earnest desire of your friend is, that the "powers of the air" may never harm you, nor lead you to do evil. Angels have often been seen in the air by "holy men of old," but soon every eye will see a more glorious sight than the shepherds saw when the birth of Christ was announced. That same Jesus will appear in the clouds of heaven. Thousands of seraphs will surround him, and ten thousand times ten thousand angels will sing his praise. The whole expanse of heaven will be lighted up with the beauty of those shining ones, and the nations of earth will tremble before the glory of that coming King.

Ah! My dear young friends, do you not want to be prepared to stand in that day? 

To the pure and the good, the beautiful Being seated on the white cloud, will say, 

"Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." To the wicked, he will say, "Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity." The transient glory of earth will then be eclipsed by the immortal beauty of the "life to come." Oh! May the family, one and all, enter that "bright world afar," and in everlasting habitations evermore find rest.


Allen's Corner, Me

As we must render to God an account of every idle word, so we must likewise of our idle silence.