The Great Hinge Maker Of The Bible

"WHEN I look at myself," said a converted

South-sea islander, "I have got hinges all over

my body. I have hinges in my legs, my jaws,

my feet, my hands. If I want to lay hold of

anything, there are hinges in my hands, and

even in my fingers, to do it with. If my heart

thinks, and I want others to think with me, I

use the hinges to my jaws, and they help me

talk. I could neither walk nor sit down, if I had

not hinges to my legs and feet. All this is very 


None of the strange things that men have

brought from England in their big ships, are to be

compared to my body. He who made my body

has made all the people who have made the

strange things which they bring in ships; and he

is the God whom I worship,

"But I should not know much about him if

men in their ships had not brought me a book

they call the Bible. That tells me of God who

made the skill and the heart of man likewise;

and when I hear how the Bible tells of the old

heart with its sins, and the new heart and the

right spirit, which God alone can create and

give, I feel that his work in my heart and his

work in my body fit into each other exactly. I

am sure then that the Bible, which tells me

these things, was made by Him who made the

hinges to my body; and I believe the Bible to be

the word of God. 

Child's Paper.

A Choice Saying.

HEAR much and speak little; for the tongue

is the instrument of the greatest good and the

greatest evil that is done in the world.