Making Others Happy.

A MOTHER who was in  the  habit  of  asking 

her children,  before they retired  for  the 

night,  what they had done that day to  make 

others  happy, found  her  twin  daughters  

silent.  The question was repeated.

"I can remember nothing  good  all  this 

day,  only  that  one  of my  schoolmates  was 

happy because she  had  gained  the  head  of 

the  class,  and  I smiled  on  her  and  ran  to 

kiss  her;  so  she  said  I was  good.  This is 


The other spoke still more timidly.  "A little 

girl who sat on the bench with me at school 

has  lost  a  little  brother.  I saw that while 

she  studied  her  lesson, she  hid  her  face  in 

her  book,  and  wept.  I felt sorry, and  laid

my face  on  the  same  book,  and  wept  with 

her.  She then looked up and was comforted, 

and put her arms' around my neck;  but I do 

not know why she said I had done her good." 

"Come to  my  arms,  my  darlings!"  said 

the mother;  "to rejoice with those  that   

rejoice,  and  weep with  those  that weep, is  to 

obey our blessed  Redeemer." 


Power  Of  Kindness.

A HORSE, passing down the street in a stage, 

suddenly stood still  and refused to go.  The 

driver  beat  him, but  the  animal would  not 

stir.  A “kind-hearted man" who was passing, 

picked up  a little  hay and  put it before  the 

horse.  As he ate it,  the man  patted  him on 

the  neck and  coaxed  him.  In a minute or 

two the stubbornness was gone, and the horse 

and  driver went on  their way.  So  much for 

patience and kindness.