‚ÄúSeventy Times Seven."

THE favorite lesson among little boys and girls

is usually arithmetic. Here is a sum. Let some

little child reckon it up. But why choose this

number? What is there special in 70 times 7?

Let us see. Peter once asked the Lord Jesus a

question which we should wish had been asked,

if Peter had not done so: "Lord, how often shall

my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?

Till seven times?" Perhaps he thought that was

a great many. Now mark the answer; it is very

weighty: "I say unto you, not until seven time?,

but until seventy times seven." As much as to

say. You must keep on forgiving. It leaves us

no room to harbor ill feelings against any body.

When people get angry and will not speak to

each other, or talk against or try in any way to

injure each other, or lay up "hard thoughts"

against their neighbors, or are bitter and 

back-biting, they forget this rule; and to 

forget it is a very serious thing, when we

 remember that  petition in the Lord's prayer,

 asking God to "forgive us our sins as we forgive

 those who sin against us." Think of that little

 word "as." Will God forgive us as we forgive

 others? According to this rule, "seventy times

 seven" is none too large. Oh, how many, many

 more times have we sinned against and grieved

 our heavenly  Father, than have any of our 

companions sinned  against us.

How much we need his forgiveness and favor!

  Every moment, every hour we are 

dependent upon his mercies.

Let us always try to breathe a forgiving spirit.

Let our word be, "I will forgive, for I need myself

to be forgiven." Let the dear children always

remember "seventy times seven;'' that is,

let them cherish such an habitual need of the

 favor of God, that no room will be found in their

hearts for hard and stubborn thoughts against

their brothers, sisters, or play-fellows.



My God, while I in youth rejoice,

Incline my ear to Wisdom's voice;

Teach me this day to bend the knee,

To love, adore and worship thee.

My thoughts would ever, ever rise

To Him who rules the earth and skies,

And ever as now my heart would be

From love of sinful pleasures free.

Thy sacred truth, O may it be

My guiding star to heaven and thee,

And love supreme, a golden chain

To bind me fast to thy domain:

Permit me not to tread the path,

That leads to shame and endless wrath,

But give me grace to do thy will,

And all life's duties to fulfill.


CHILDREN by our Lord were honored;

When on this poor earth he staid;

Fondly he embraced and blessed them,

Though a frowning throng forbade.

To his side a child he summoned,

Placed him in the midst, and told

Those that simple guide to follow,

Who God's kingdom would behold.

Still his Gospel honors children,

Bids them to Christ's service move,

And their little rills of beauty

Swell the ocean of his love;

Bids them strive with zealous pity

For the desolate and sad,

Till the dark and desert places

Are for them exceeding glad.

Children, to our dear Redeemer

Yield the grateful homage due,

And by love to every creature,

Pay the love he bears for you.