How I Came To Keep The Sabbath.


I have often thought that I would let you know 

how we love this little paper, and how we first 

came into the Sabbath truth. My husband and

 self  were both members of the Baptist church,

 and our two little daughters attended the 

Sunday School. 

The youngest being too little to learn the lessons

 with  her sister, I used to teach her a verse to

 recite in the class. On one occasion I had 

selected the fourth commandment

for her to commit and repeat. Early in the

 morning she came to my bed-side, and 

awakening me said, "Come, mother, it is the

 seventh day, the Sabbath. Get up, it is God's

 holy day." I told her it was the first day of the

 week. She wanted to know if it was not the

 Sabbath. I answered yes. She replied that the

 commandment she had learned said the 

"seventh" day was the Sabbath, and she wanted

 to know if it didn't mean what it said. I told her

 it did, but since the Saviour had risen on the 

first day of the week, Christians had kept that 

day for the Sabbath instead of the seventh. She

 then wanted to know if God told them to do this,

 or if Jesus told them to.

I felt the question to be an important one, as I

always considered that I would be responsible to

God for what I taught my children. I told her that

I had no time to answer that question then, but

when she came home from church I would find it

 in the Bible and read it to her.

After they had gone to school I took my Bible to

search for the answer, but I looked in vain; and

my little Meta, when she came home asked me if

 I would read to her out of the Bible when the

 day was changed. I told her she would have to

 wait a little while. I might here state that I felt 

embarrassed to tell her I did not know where to

 find it, as I thought it could be found. But the

 more I searched the more clouded my mind 

became, and I told my husband that I didn't 

believe it could be found in the Bible any more

 than sprinkling could. He thought he could find

 it, and take the burden off from my mind; but his

 search proved as fruitless as mine.

I could not now attend to my work, nor sleep at

night, on account of that question, and I resolved

 to immediately see the minister, which I did. He

 told me that his mind had been very much 

wrought upon by the same thing, but he came to

 the conclusion that it was the seventh part of

 time that was required. I did not feel satisfied,

 but there the matter stopped until one morning

 at family prayers as I was reading the twenty-

fourth chapter of Matthew,

my mind suddenly rested on the 20th verse,

"Pray ye that your flight be not in the Winter,

neither on the SABBATH DAY," and I was 

convinced that the seventh day was the day that

 God required us to keep holy. I then asked

 strength from him to keep the true Sabbath of

 the Lord.

Dear young friends I can now say that I find it

good to keep the fourth commandment. Will you

all obey God's law and live?