The Best Riches.

NOT long since, a gentleman took an 

acquaintance upon the top of his house to 

show him the extent of his possessions.

Waving his hand about, he said:

"There, that is my estate."

Then, pointing to a great distance on one side

 "Do you see that farm?"


"Well, that is mine."

Pointing again to the other side

"Do you see that house?"


"That also belongs to me."

Then said his friend:

"Do you see that little village out yonder?"


"Well, there lives a poor woman in that

village who can say more than all this."

"Ah! What can she say?"

"Why, she can say, 'Christ is mine.' "

He looked confounded, and said no more.


God Counts.

A BROTHER and sister were playing in the

dining-room, when their mother set a basket

of cakes on the table, and went out. "How

nice they look," said the boy, reaching to take

one. His sister earnestly objected, and drew

his hand back, saying it was against their

mother's directions.

"She did not count them," said he.

"Perhaps God did," said the sister.

So he withdrew from the temptation, and

sitting down, seemed to meditate. "You are

right," said he, looking at her with a cheerful,

yet serious, air; "God does count; for the Bible

says the hair's of our head are all numbered.''