WHAT were they? And what are they? How many of our young readers can tell? How many will remember after reading them? Here they are: The seven wonders of the world were:

1. The Egyptian Pyramids. The largest of these is 693 feet square and 449 feet high, and its base covers 11 acres of ground.

2. The Mausoleum, erected to Mausolus, a king of Caria, by his widow, Artemisia. It was 63 feet long and 35 feet high.

3. The Temple of Diana at Ephesus. This was 425 feet in length and 220 feet in breadth. 

4. The walls and Hanging Gardens of Babylon. These walls are stated, by Herodotus, to have been 87 feet thick, 350 feet high, and 60 miles in length; and the statement is deemed creditable by modern antiquarians.

5. The Collossus of Rhodes. This was a brazen statue of Appollo, 105 feet in height, standing at the mouth of the harbor of Rhodes. 

6. The statue of Jupiter Olympus, at Athens, which was made of gold and ivory, and was wonderful for its beauty rather than for its size. 

7. The Pharos of Ptolemy Philadelphia. This was a lighthouse 500 feet high, on the island of Pharos at Alexandria, in Egypt. A fire of wood was kept burning on its summit during the night, to guide ships to the harbor.

The seven wonders of the world are now given as follows: The steam engine, the electric telegraph, the printing press, the telescope, the microscope, the chemical laboratory, and the photograph.

We see much in the works of men's hands to awaken wonder and admiration. But when the reflective mind looks into the great book of nature everywhere open before us, we may behold with admiration the handiworks of God, though all are marred and blighted by sin.

The lofty mountains, the majestic forest, the bounding streams, the peaceful rivers, the far-stretching ocean with its rolling billows and white-crested waves, the waving grass, the smiling flower by our pathway, the ripening grain, and the fruit upon thousands of trees and running vines, all proclaim the goodness and wisdom of God, and should lead us to lift our hearts in gratitude and adoration to him.

But "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

Dear children, it is your privilege to be cleansed from sin, to be the followers of the Lamb, and to soon participate in the joy of the world to come, and live with Jesus who died to save us.