What Makes a Man.

WHAT is it that makes a man? Can you tell?

We can tell you what does not. Good clothes

do not; a handsome face does not; learning

does not. You must have something else to

make a man of. We have seen a very good

description of a man, which reads thus:

"A beautiful soul, a loving mind,

Full of affection for its kind;

A helper of the human race,

A soul of beauty and of grace,

That truly speaks of God within,

And never makes a league with sin."

This is the kind of a man worth something

in this world. We want a great many more

such men than we now have. Will you not

strive to be such a man?

 S. S. Missionary.

Be Content.

OH dear! I don't see what you buy me such

thick shoes for," said little Jenny Ray; "they

are only fit for clod-hoppers. Why can't I

have a pretty pair of French gaiters, like Annie


"We buy such things as we can afford

and think suitable for you," answered her

mother. "I am sorry that instead of being

thankful for them, you should fret so. I wish

you were more like the man who said, 'I

never grumbled but once, and that was because

my shoes were worn out, and I had no

money to buy new ones. Soon after, I met

a man who had no feet, and I went home

contented with my bare ones.' "

"I'm not so badly off as either of them,"

laughed Jenny;" so I'll be glad I have

got thick shoes to protect my bare feet, and

and that I have feet to be protected."


From the beginning, thus we see,

God's law our rule of life should be;

And to the end, by day or night,

In his commands, find new delight.


     A CHRISTIAN merchant, who, from being

a poor boy, had risen to wealth and renown,

was once asked by an intimate friend to what,

wider God, he attributed his success in life.

"To prompt and steady obedience to my

parents," was his reply. "In the midst of

many bad examples of youths of my own age,

I was always ready to yield a ready submission

to the will of my father and mother, and

I firmly believe that a blessing has, in

 consequence, rested upon me and all my


Your Conversation.

OF what character is it? Is it pure?

Whatever it may be, be assured it is an 

unerring index to your heart. “The tree is

known by the fruit. Out of the abundance

of the heart the mouth speaketh.” Let your

words be words of truth and purity.

BOYS, never be idle. Always have something

to do. You can study when you are

at work with your hands. Every work of

God has a lesson upon it for your mind to

master. Never be idle when you can find so

much to do.


A SABBATH well spent

Brings a week of content,

And strength for the toils of tomorrow;

But a Sabbath profaned,

Whatever is gained,

Is a certain forerunner of sorrow.