A Mother's Prayer.

A MOTHER had heard of the arrival of her sailor

 boy outside the Cape, and was awaiting the 

return with the anxiety a mother alone can know.

With faith strong in God she prayed for his 

safety. News came that the vessel was lost.

The father an unconverted man, who had 

preserved a sullen silence, now wept aloud. The

 mother observed, "He is in the hands of Him who

 doeth all things well," and again the subdued 

and softened spirit bowed, commending her son

 and her husband, in an audible voice to God.

In the morning, the little gate in front of the

 dwelling turned on its hinges, the door opened

 and their son, their lost, loved son stood before


The vessel had been driven into one of the

 Harbors on the coast, and was safe. The father

 rushed to meet him. His mother hanging on his

 neck, earnestly exclaimed, "My child how came

 you here ?"

"Mother," said he, as the tears coursed down his

 sun-burnt face, "knew you'd pray me home."

What a spectacle: a wild, reckless youth, 

acknowledging the efficacy of prayer. It seems

 he was aware of his perilous situation, and that

 he labored with the thought, "My mother prays:

Christians' prayers are answered, and I may be 

saved." This reflection, when almost exhausted 

with fatigue, and ready to give up in despair, 

gave him fresh strength, and with renewed

 courage he labored till the harbor was gained.

 Christian mother, pray for that son who is likely

 to be wrecked in the storm of life, and his

 prospects blasted forever. He may be saved.


I look up to yonder sky,

So pure, so bright, so wondrous high,

I think of One I cannot see,

But One who sees and cares for me.

His name is God: he gave me birth,

And every living thing on earth;

And every tree and plant that grows,

To the same hand it’s being owes.

’Tis he my daily food provides,

And all that I require besides:

And when I close my slumbering eye,

I sleep in peace, for he is nigh.

Then surely I should ever love

This gracious God who reigns above;

For very kind and good is he,

To love a little child like me.



One of the pupils

in a school in Germany came to his master

one day in great trouble, because, as he said, 

God would not answer his prayer. "And what did

you pray for?" "I prayed to God that he would

give me an humble heart." "And why do you

think that he has not heard you?" The child

said with tears, "Since I prayed for this, the 

other boys have been cross and unkind to me. 

They tease me and mock me at every turn, so 

that I can hardly bear it." "My dear boy, you 

prayed that God would give you an humble heart,

 and why then should you be vexed, if the other 

boys are the means of humbling you? Here you 

see that God does really answer you. It is in this

way he sees fit to send you an humble mind."

The poor child had not thought of that. He had

fancied that God would have taken some other

way with him, and thus he was mistaken in

thinking that his prayer was not answered.


I ne'er took up my cross,

But Christ my Saviour bore

The heaviest end, and all the weight,

While leading on before.


Dear young friends, the day is Nearing,

When the weary saints will rest;

0 shall we be of that number

Who shall lean on Jesus' breast?

There will be the good old prophets,

There will be no death nor pain;

There the saints will meet together,

Never more to part again.

There, young friends, I want to meet you

With love my heart beats high for you;

Pledge to God your best affections,

Doubt him not, he will prove true.

No one on earth is quite so worthy

Of your true sincerest love;

AS the One who came, to save you,

From the blissful realms above.

Think not that you are forsaken,

When he hides his face away:

O He does it but to try you,

And will bring a brighter day.