House Cleaning.

DEAR CHILDREN: It is because I love you and

desire your good that I attempt to write you the

thoughts I have had in my mind during this busy

day. Bro. Bell asks for brief, well-written 

articles, conveying an idea or lesson worth


I will try to bear this in mind; for it is a

good suggestion.

Well, children, probably none of you are too

small to know what house cleaning means. 

Perhaps some of you have helped in various 

ways, by saving steps for mother. What a busy

 time it is in many families where there is much

 to be done. You know how the furniture is 

routed, the carpets shaken, the windows 

cleaned, and things in general take an 

overhauling. In the spring of the year, the work

 is thorough from cellar to garret. Every nook

and corner are searched. The dust and cobwebs

and useless stuff that have accumulated through

 the year, all, in fact, that is offensive, and not 

needed, is cleared out, and the house takes a 

good cleansing. Then, when the work is done,

 how sweet and fresh and inviting it is. We feel

 well repaid for the trouble, in the cheerful looks

 of home.

So we should do with our hearts, dear children.

The Bible tells us that we must have clean hands

and pure hearts if we would dwell in the 

mansions of God. If you search carefully, you 

will find it all through the Bible. Many of you 

may say it is impossible, you can never become

 pure in heart.

But if that were so, do you think God would 

require it of us? No; he will not require more 

than we are able to give, and we must submit to

 the cleansing process if we are ever saved. How

 are we to begin?

Just in this way: Search out our secret sins, the

 cobwebs in the corners, those things we think 

no one knows of; but God knows of them,and in

 his eyes they are hateful, whatever others

may think of us.

Be in earnest; for it will never do to cover this

fault, or smooth over that one. When you once

stir up the dust in your heart, Satan will begin to

work harder than ever to deceive you into the 

belief that it is of no use, or that you are good 

enough already. Oh, the hateful one! Will you let 

him speak? Will you cease trying, and say, I can 

never do the work it is too great? Remember

Lot's wife. Remember, too, that God wants you 

to begin in the spring time of life; because he

 knows your tender hearts will offer a sweeter

 service now.

And if you pray every little while through the

 day, as I know of a little child's doing, "Please, 

dear Jesus, help me to do this," he will help you,

 oh! so willingly. And thus the work will be going

 on until you delight in doing right, because your

 words and actions spring from a pure heart.

Yours in search of the truth,