To this inquiry, Chateaubriand replied in the following eloquent words: 

"There is a God! The herd of the valley and the cedars of the mountains bless him; the insects sport in his beams; the elephant salutes him with the rising orb of day; the birds sing to him in the foliage; the thunder proclaims him in the heavens; the ocean declares his immensity; man alone has said, 'There is no God!'

"Unite in thought at the same instant the most beautiful objects in nature; suppose that you see at once all the hours of the day and all the seasons of the year; a morning of spring and a morning of autumn; a night bespangled with stars and a night covered with clouds; meadows enameled with flowers, forests hoary with snow, and fields gilded by tints of autumn; then alone you will have a just conception of the universe.

"While you are gazing upon that sun which is plunging under the vault of the west, another observer admires him emerging from the gilded gates of the east. By what inconceivable magic does that aged star which is sinking, fatigued and burning, in the shade of evening, re-appear at the same instant, fresh and humid with the rosy dews of morning? At every instant of the day the glorious orb is at once rising, resplendent at noonday, and setting in the west; or, rather, our senses deceive us, and there is, properly speaking, no east, west, or south in the world. Everything reduces itself to a single point, from whence the king of the day sends forth at once a triple light. The bright splendor which nature presents, is most beautiful, and gives us an idea of the perpetual magnificence and resistless power of God."

A GOOD character cannot be stolen by day or by night. If a person has a character that can be stolen, the thief will get badly cheated.