Best Treasure

The Orphan's Best Treasure.

Two little boys, decently clothed, the oldest

appearing about thirteen and the younger eleven,

called at the lodging-house for vagrants in

Warrington, for a night's lodging; the keeper

of the house very properly took them to the 

vagrant's office to be examined, and if proper 

objects, to be relieved. It appears, that but a 

few weeks had elapsed since these poor little

 wanderers had resided with their parents in


The typhus-fever, however, in one day carried

off both father and mother, leaving the orphans

in a wide world, without home and without

friends. Immediately after the last tribute had

been paid to their parent's memory, having an

uncle in Liverpool, they resolved, poor and 

destitute as they were, to go and throw 

themselves upon his protection. Tired, therefore,

 and faint, they arrived at Warrington on their 

way. Two bundles contained their little all. In the

 younger boy's pocket, was found, neatly 

covered and carefully preserved, a Bible. The

 keeper of the lodging-house addressing the little

 boy, said,

"You have neither money nor meat, wilt you

sell me this Bible? I will give you five shillings

for it." "No," exclaimed he, the tears rolling

down his cheeks; "I'll starve first." To

try him still further, six shillings were offered

for the Bible. "No," said he; for it has been

my support all the way from London. Hungry

and weary, often have I sat down ~by the 

wayside to read my Bible, and have found 

refreshment, from it."

He then asked, " What will you do when

you get to Liverpool, should your uncle refuse

to take you in. The reply may excite a blush

in many young Christians: '"My Bible tells

me," said he, "when my father and mother for

sake me, then the Lord will take me up." The

next morning those refreshed little wanderers

rose early, dressed themselves, and set out for



Spirit, Lord descending,

Host upon each youthful heart;

May thy grace this work attending,

Heavenly life and love impart.

Let thy presence go before us,

Through this wilderness of sin.

Spread thy sheltering pinions o'er us.

Light the lamp of truth within.

0 thou good and gracious Father,

Write on us thy saving name!

0 thou gentle Shepherd, gather

With thine arm each little lamb!

Feed us in thy verdant meadows,

Lead us by thy quiet streams,

Till beyond this vale of shadows,

Heaven's unclouded glory beams.