THIS wonder of nature is situated near the market town of Knaresborough, in Yorkshire, England. The water of the dripping well has the power of turning things into stone. 

We may see the same effects in any stone pit, where the quarrymen turn up curious-looking things, bedded in stone, which are called fossils. Hard as they now are, they were once soft, living creatures. They became imbedded in the sand, which hardened  into stone; and in the course of ages they have become of the same nature as their stony shroud. Any material you choose to place under a dripping well will become petrified, or at least coated with stony matter. A piece of moss, a leaf, a bird's nest, a twig, an acorn, or any such thing, becomes incrusted in a little time, and presents a curious appearance.


This ordinary looking stream is in fact very special.