AT the death of Asa, Jehoshaphat his son reigned in his stead. He also feared God, as did his father. He did not allow any one in all the country to worship idols. He sent priests into every part of the land to teach the people the law of God, and how to worship him. So the people feared the Lord, and all the nations round about were friendly toward Jehoshaphat, and made him presents; for they were afraid of the God whom he worshiped. He also set judges throughout the land, and charged them to be upright in judging the people; and to always have the fear of God before them.

When he did wrong, as he did sometimes, the Lord sent his prophet to reprove him; but Jehoshaphat received the reproof kindly, and tried to turn from every evil way.

When great armies came up to light against him, he asked God to help, and told his men to pray, and sing praises to the Lord. Then the Lord turned his enemies to fighting one another, until they were all destroyed.

After the death of Jehoshaphat, his son Jehoram reigned in his stead. Jehoram was very wicked. He killed his own brothers, worshiped idols, and went in the ways of the kings of Israel; for he had married the daughter of Ahab. 

He reigned only eight years; for the Lord smote him with a terrible disease, and ho died.

Next, Ahaziah reigned one year, and after him, his mother Athaliah reigned six years. Both were very wicked. Athaliah was killed by some of the chief captains, and Joash began to reign when he was only seven years old.

Six years before, Athaliah had tried to kill Joash, so that he might not have the kingdom; but the good priest Jehoiada and his wife had kept him hid in the house of God up to this 


While Jehoiada lived to counsel and guide him, Joash reigned well; but after the priest died, the people began to worship idols, and became very wicked.

And the Spirit of God came upon Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada, and he reproved the people. 

Then Joash ordered the people to stone him. So Joash killed a good man, the son of the one who had saved his life and made him king.

Then Amaziah reigned twenty-nine years. At first he reigned well, but afterward he became proud, and worshiped idols.

After him Uziah reigned fifty-two years. He was a good king, and the Lord prospered him greatly. Finally he became proud also, and went into the temple, and burned incense before the Lord. When the priests reproved him, he was angry, and the Lord smote him with the leprosy; so he had to dwell in a house by himself all the rest of his days.

After Uzziah, Jotham his son reigned sixteen years. Jotham was a good king, and served the Lord. He built much in Jerusalem. He also built cities in the mountains of Judah, and in the forests he built castles and towers. So the Lord blessed him, and he became a great man.