Loktak Lake


IN the beautiful valley of Cashmere, among the Himalayan Mountains, lies a lovely lake called Dal. Floating about on its surface are numerous small islands, on which grow the fairest cucumbers and most luscious melons known. The way in which these floating gardens are made is very curious. All about the main shores of the lake grow quantities of reeds, sedges, and water lilies. When these grow very thickly together, people cut them from the roots which hold them near the shore. 

The leaves of the plants are then spread out over the stems, making a sort of trestle-work to support the soil with which it is next to be covered. After this has been done, the seeds are planted and the floating garden is left to care for itself until the fruits are ready for picking. 

St. Nicholas.

LIVE to be useful; live to give light; live to accomplish the end for which you were made, and quietly and steadily shine on, trying to do your duty.

Dal Lake

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