THE DEFECTS in character though concealed for a time, will appear. It cannot be otherwise. The characters of many persons present a dwarfed and deformed appearance, because the foundation was not laid right, was not laid deep enough. 

The laying of the foundation is the most important part of the work of forming character, though the superstructure must be built with care. If a character is desired that will stand the storms of time and endure forever, it must be based upon a sure foundation, and that foundation must be Christ, the chief cornerstone. 

"Other foundation can no man lay than is laid, which is Jesus Christ."

After the foundation is well laid, then the work of rearing up a character commences in earnest. Character must grow. 

And how do we make things grow? By cultivating them, do we not? The farmer or gardener would not raise much but weeds, if he did not cultivate. It is just so with other things besides wheat, corn, and vegetables. People would never become good scholars unless they cultivated their minds. Musicians cultivate their voices, and so it is, anything that attains to perfection must grow.

Our lives are made up of thoughts and actions, and these are forming themselves into a wall of character, which, resting upon the foundation laid in childhood, forms a structure of symmetry and beauty, or one of deformity. This character must stand the test of the Judgment, must be a pure character, to associate with angels, and to enjoy the society of Heaven.

Character is of great importance to the worker for Jesus. If his conduct is not approved by those whom he is trying to benefit, his time is lost, for he will do them no good.

"I would give ten thousand dollars for your character," said a dishonest dealer to one of sterling integrity," because it would enable me to make double that amount of money." Character, then, is powerful.

Oh, if boys only knew what golden capital, this good character is, they would work hard to get it. Every businessman sees and estimates the boys that pass before him at pretty nearly their worth. A good character is a stepping-stone to success in life, and a passport to Heaven.

V. A. M.