Little Kindnesses.

BROTHERS, sisters, did you ever try the effect

which little acts of kindness produce

upon the charmed circle which we call

home? We love to receive little favors ourselves,

and how pleasant the reception of

them make the circle. To draw up the arm

chair and get the slippers for father; to watch

if any little service can be rendered to

mother, to help brother; to assist sister;

how pleasant it makes home.

A little boy has a hard lesson given him

at school, and his teacher asks him if he

thinks he can get it; for a moment the little

fellow hangs down his head, but the next he

looks brightly up,

"I can get my sister to help me," he says.

That is right, sister; help little brother, and

you are binding the tie round his heart that

may save him many a long hour of dark


"I don't know how to do this sum, but

brother will show me," says another.

"Sister, I have dropped a stitch in my

knitting; I tried to pick it up, but it has run

down, and I can't fix it."

The little girl's face is flushed, and she

watches her sister with a nervous anxiety,

while she replaces the naughty stitch.

"Oh! I’m so glad!" she says, as she receives

it again from the hands of her sister,

all nicely arranged. "You are a good girl,


"Bring it to me sooner next time, and

then it won't get so bad," said the gentle

voice of Mary. The little one bounds away

with a light heart to finish her task.

If Mary had not helped her she would

have lost her walk in the garden. Surely it

is better to do as Mary did than to say, "O,

go away, and don't trouble me;" or to

scold the little one all the time you are

 performing the trifling favor.

'Brothers, sisters, love one another bear

with one another. If one offend, forgive

and love him still; and whatever may be

the faults of others we must remember that

in the sight of God, we have others as great,

and perhaps greater, than theirs.