WHERE is the boy who does not know the meaning of hitting the mark? 

For have not all boys at some time amused themselves in trying to cast missiles at a fixed point called a mark? But how to become first-marksmen we think may interest our readers, and we therefore quote from the S. S. Advocate


If one wants to hit a mark he must have three things-- a steady eye, a strong arm, and a skillful hand. Now we all want to hit the mark of success. That is what we are all aiming at success in this world, and in the world to come. How shall we hit the mark? We must have three things, viz., H-o-n-e-s-t-y, I-n-d-u-s-t-r-y, T-e-m-p-e-r-a-n-c-e.  Peter Jones keeps a store, but he cheats his customers; they soon find him out; no one has any confidence in him. His store is a failure. He has not honesty, and he cannot hit the mark.

John Brown has a farm, but he is lazy; yes, that is the word lazy. He lacks industry, and so he cannot hit the mark. 

You will see him described in Proverbs 24:20-34.

Harry Bright is a young lawyer, but he drinks wine. He is becoming very fond of it, and I fear it will be his ruin. A drunkard can never hit the mark.

Some persons are not honest toward God; they cannot hit the mark of salvation; Some are too indifferent, too lazy, to save their souls. Others are not temperate, that is, not self-denying enough to give up sin. 

Such persons will be sure to miss the mark. Now, children, you notice that the first letters of the above words spell the word "hit"; so you can easily remember the words and their meaning. I hope all my young readers will take such sure aim at the right kind of success that they may make a happy HIT. 

M. J. C.