Each One Can Do Some Good.

EACH one can do something, and exert an

influence for good. Do you say, I have no

talent? If you have not, it is because you

have buried it. So dig it up and put it to

use. Though it be very small, it will count

something. The rill, the river, the lake and

the ocean, are all made up of little drops.

Each individual drop which falls from the

clouds help to make up the vast ocean. So

every good deed, however small, helps make

up the sum of well-doing. And every one

of which it may be truly said, as of the

woman in the gospel, "She hath done what

she could," shall hear the Master say, in the

day of rewards, Well done. .

Do you say, I have no influence, I am but

a cipher in the world? The answer is, Ciphers

are of use when placed on the right

side of significant figures. So take your stand,

with heart, hands, and voice, on the right

side of every question of right and of reform,

and your influence, though small, will tell to

the glory of God on earth, and to the good

of men. And if you withdraw your little influence

from the wrong side of the scales,

and give it on the right side, you double its

value for good; for, when the scales arc

evenly balanced, say five pounds in each,

you change one pound from one side to the

other, and it leaves but four in the one side,

while it increases the other to six.

We are living in a world of good and evil;

and the two do not evenly balance; the evil

seems greatly to outweigh the good. But

those who choose to be good and to do good

will find, in the end, that they have made a

wise choice. They will have a part with all

that are of real worth; while the others, being

weighed in the balance, will be found

wanting. Then whatever your influence

weighs, be it more or less, let it be on the

right side. Do what you can, be it ever so

little, and in the end, the Judge will say to

you, Well done.